Adultery, Blessing, Condonation, Divorce, Entanglement (ABCDE): The Alphabet Analysis of a “Will and Jada Type” Divorce

While the Smiths have vowed to remain married, many others in Texas have vowed or will vow that adultery is the ultimate deal breaker and allege as much when they initiate a suit to dissolve the marital relationship. In the case of a Will and Jada type of divorce in Texas, what happens when one spouse commits adultery while the other spouse allegedly gave his or her blessing thereby condoning the affair? When going through a divorce, what does it mean if the affair was just an entanglement? ABCDE. The alphabet analysis.

Divorce ROOKie: How to Make Moves to Become One of the Games Most Powerful Pieces

By: Jazmyne Betters In the game of chess, the Rook is the piece that starts in the back corner, unable to make any moves. In the beginning of the divorce process, a person may feel like they are backed into a corner, unable to do anything. When and if the right moves are made, the …